Video Feature - Cedar's Kinshuk Mishra on Synchronizing Product & Engineering Teams

Cedar's VP of Engineering Kinshuk Mishra presented at Sapphire Ventures Hypergrowth Engineering Summit this past June in San Francisco, California.

Kinshuk's talk titled "The Rules of Engagement: Synchronizing Product & Engineering Teams" captured the secret to promoting collaboration between Product and Engineering teams. Kinshuk provided structures and principles to help technical leaders in attendance bring balance to their respective organizations. Below are four key takeaways.

  1. Effective collaboration between engineering and product teams is often a confluence of having the right people with clear accountabilities, formulating aligned incentives and ensuring there are intentional practices to ensure smooth collaboration.
  2. Having the right archetypes for the appropriate job is very critical. Different problems require different skills and relevant problem solving mindset, and leaders should be cognizant of the fit when assigning the responsibilities and accountabilities.
  3. Incentive systems drive organizational behaviors. Start with setting actionable and relevant org values, and then facilitate the right organizational culture and behaviors through rewards and penalties.
  4. Have intentional and consistent practices to make decisions, assign roles and responsibilities, to do planning to ensure the interactions between engineering and product teams are deterministic with minimal friction.

About the Summit: The Hypergrowth Engineering Summit brings together technical leaders (CTOs, VPEs) from some of the most innovative companies in the world. Leaders spend the day focusing on defining the paradigms, technologies, and practices that engineering leaders of tomorrow must embrace.

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Annie Lux (Herman)

Annie Lux (Herman)

Head of Talent Strategy, Brand & Programs